Cure Your Post-Valentine’s Day Sugar Overload with Fiber

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Did you know 58 million pounds of chocolate is sold for Valentine’s Day?. That’s a lot of chocolate and a lot of sugar! And for those who don’t have a special someone in their lives, “43% of Americans will buy themselves candy this Valentine’s Day.” So, you’re not the only single person treating yourself. 

Whether the sugary sweets were a gift from someone else or yourself, it sounds like you won’t be the only one indulging in treats. BUT the day after this romantic holiday may leave you feeling sluggish, nauseated, and even constipated. 

Don’t worry, we’re not here to tell you not to indulge! Instead, we want to recommend how to detox from a sugar overload. But first, let’s discuss what an excessive amount of sugar does to your body and even mood. 

How Sugar Affects You

Most sugar added in candy and sweets are simple carbohydrates. So, your body easily absorbs them. And as fast as they come, as fast they go. That’s why you’ll get a “sugar rush” and why your blood sugar levels will spike! 

If you aren’t diabeteic, an excessive amount of sugar won’t cause dramatic effects. But this doesn’t mean it’s good for your body. 

Studies have shown a continuous diet of excessive amounts of sugar, long-term can lead to “type 2 diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemias, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.” Eating foods high in sugar and low in nutrients, has long-term effects and short term effects for your body and health. 

The Chocolate Wasted Constipation Cure

With flavors like Butterscotch, you are bond to fall in love.

Short-term, chocolate treats and baked goods can cause constipation. Why? Because those sugary foods lack nutrients like fiber. And without the proper amount of fiber in your diet, you’ll experience constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and gas. With or without Valentine’s Day, the majority of Americans “don’t get enough fiber in their diet.” So, most Americans can use a fiber boost! At least you’re not alone there.

Fiber is a great solution for a sugar detox! Here’s why:

First, fiber creates better bowel movements. So, you can forget about constipation. Second, fiber is great at filling your stomach! Most high-fiber foods are complex carbohydrates, which means our bodies can’t easily break them down. Instead, those foods will sit in our stomachs for a longer time thereby creating that full-feeling. Then, when you get offered store-bought Valentine’s Day cupcakes you won’t be tempted.

Or maybe you’ll still eat that Valentine’s Day store-bought cupcake. It is pretty in pink.

Prep for the Day with Fiber

Increasing your daily fiber intake is as easy as Boysenberry Pie!

If you believe this Valentine’s Day will end with a ton of sugary treats then try doing some prep work. You can do this by incorporating some high fiber foods into your breakfast that day. Try eating oatmeal, chia pudding, or baked oat bars.

Okay, maybe you don’t have the time to make breakfast or you just aren’t a breakfast person. There’s a solution for you! Try a plant-based and sugar-free fiber supplement like Naturlax! Not only do we make fiber easy but tasty too! Among our 80 flavors, we have 5 Chocolate Flavored Fiber Powders. So, you can still have your chocolate cake and eat it too! 

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