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Fiber is absolutely essential in a well-balanced diet because it’s a superfood! With super characteristics, fiber is sure to be beneficial for a lot of people and animals! There are a lot of super things fiber does for the body so we’ve created a Fiber Facts section to share all of fiber’s hidden secrets. For example, did you know that high-fiber diets in pregnancies can prevent a high-blood pressure condition called preeclampsia?! Did you know fiber can reduce a person’s chances of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Also, did you know fiber can help improve athletic performance? Did you ever wonder if your obese pets could use some fiber??? In this section, we explain why and how with fiber facts! As always we recommend speaking with your doctor or pet’s vet first. 

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  • Avoid Being Bloated and Constipated during the Holidays
    The holiday season means joy, socially-distant family time, and more food than can fit on the table! This can also include the uncomfortable feeling of being bloated and maybe even constipation. But enjoying the holidays […]
  • Three Types of Plant Based Fiber Supplements
    Did you know psyllium isn’t the only plant based fiber supplement? That’s right! We’ve done some searching and found two other plant based fiber supplements. This includes inulin and acacia, and no we don’t mean […]
  • Medication and Fiber Supplements: The Dos and Don’ts
    Psyllium fiber is great for your body but it isn’t always the best when taken with certain medications. We recommended speaking with a doctor before adding fiber supplements into your diet. If you are considering […]
  • How Fiber can Support Your Keto Diet
    Beginning a diet is never easy and can come with a lot of challenges but digestion doesn’t have to be one of them. The keto diet has taken social media by storm and we are […]
  • Your Pets Can Benefit From Fiber: Here’s How
    Have your pets ever had stomach problems? Constipation? Or even diarrhea? Most likely, it means your pets need some fiber but you should always consult with your veterinarian first.  There are many health conditions that […]
  • Here’s How Fiber Can Support Your Pregnancy
    Fiber is important for everyone, but especially if you’re pregnant!  On average, a high-fiber diet supports weight loss, lowers blood pressure, prevents constipation, and lowers your risk of heart disease. If you are pregnant, a […]
  • Fiber for Fitness: How to Achieve Better Performance 💪🏼
    For most people, summer time means beach trips, vacation, and free time (finally!)… but for athletes, it means fitness packets, team training, and tournaments.  BUT WAIT!  Before you jump to the conclusion that this post […]
  • Why It’s Important To Eat High Fiber Foods
    We’ve all heard that it’s important to consume a high fiber diet but what does that look like? What are the benefits of a high fiber diet? What is a high fiber diet? How much […]
  • Types of Fiber 101
    In our previous post about Why It’s Important To Eat High Fiber Foods (link will go here), we spoke about the many benefits of a high fiber diet and the recommended daily fiber consumption. Now […]
  • High Fiber Diet: Why it’s important and what you should eat
    Why its important to have a high fiber diet? Recent data has shown that having a high fiber diet can support us in many ways but sadly many fall far short of the recommended daily […]

We bet, you learned how fiber does a lot more for the human and animal body than you expected. Fiber isn’t ordinary, it’s extraordinary! There are so many fiber facts that we have discovered and some waiting to be talked about! The content creative team here loves to learn about all things fiber so we can share with our readers. We believe fiber’s hidden secrets shouldn’t be a secret anymore! We’re here to shout about all things fiber from the rooftop–we mean blog. If you decide it’s time to finally give fiber a go, head to our recipes section to learn how you can easily increase your daily fiber intake! And isn’t it convenient that Naturlax offers all plant-based fiber powders that you can take on the go and mix with some water, or incorporate into your recipes? No need to thank us, just all in a day’s work.

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