Our Story

Our story begins in sunny California with a man named Bill Sabo known as The Flavor Guy. Bill couldn’t resist the opportunity to turn something ordinary into something spectacular! So, he took on the company called Naturlax in addition to the other companies Bill oversees like Nature’s Flavors ™, Yum Matcha ™ or Seelect Tea ™. 

The Flavor Guy runs his companies the way he knows best with his family at his side. Naturlax is a family owned and operated company that never loses sight of their goal; to provide organic and natural options in a world full of artificial products. For each of his companies, The Flavor Guy has the determination to scour the world to find only the best nature has to offer. But our story doesn’t stop there. 

bill sabo also known as the flavor guy

Along his journey of determination, Bill hit a bump in the road eleven years ago. He had a heart attack that caused him to reevaluate all he knew about health and wellness. For a man that never stops moving, Bill had to take a deep breath and a pause to better understand his body and health. He decided to put aside old habits like his daily pint of ice cream, and instead put his heart into Naturlax. By cutting back on refined carbohydrates and taking plant-based supplements like Naturlax, Bill was able to avoid open heart surgery. Although, this worked for The Flavor Guy, we advise everyone to speak with doctors first to decide the option best for you.

Now, Naturlax has been transformed into a psyllium husk fiber powder with over 75 flavors to choose from. At Naturlax, we believe our customers should never be limited when it comes to flavor choices! Naturlax only offers products that are gluten-free, sugar free, plant-based, and low carb!