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A healthy body and fiber is nature’s perfect pairing. We know there’s a lot that goes into a healthy mind and body, like hydration, exercise, and sleep. But did you know fiber is another key component in health and wellness? It sure is! Fiber is a superfood that helps you and your body feel and be super! Fiber is commonly known for relieving constipation which can help prevent a lot of other health issues in the long run. While this is important for your colon and digestive tract, fiber has even more to offer for your body. Fiber helps athletic bodies, non-athletic bodies, pregnant bodies, and pets! In any body, fiber aids in weight loss, helps control insulin, and lowers risk of cardiovascular disease! Click on some posts and read more about what fiber can do for you! 

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  • Avoid Being Bloated and Constipated during the Holidays
    The holiday season means joy, socially-distant family time, and more food than can fit on the table! This can also include the uncomfortable feeling of being bloated and maybe even constipation. But enjoying the holidays […]
  • Three Types of Plant Based Fiber Supplements
    Did you know psyllium isn’t the only plant based fiber supplement? That’s right! We’ve done some searching and found two other plant based fiber supplements. This includes inulin and acacia, and no we don’t mean […]
  • Psyllium Fiber Supplements & Medication Interaction
    Psyllium fiber is great for your body but it isn’t always the best when taken with certain medications. Firstly, we recommended speaking with a doctor before adding fiber supplements into your diet. If you are […]
  • Keto and Fiber
    Beginning a diet is never easy and can come with a lot of challenges but digestion doesn’t have to be one of them. The keto diet has taken social media by storm and we are […]
  • Fiber & Safer Pregnancies
    Fiber is important for everyone, but especially if you’re pregnant!  On average, a high-fiber diet supports weight loss, lowers blood pressure, prevents constipation, and lowers your risk of heart disease. If you are pregnant, a […]
naturlax's colors in dots on the body and fiber page

There’s so much fiber can do for your body so why not try increasing your daily fiber intake today! Head over to our Recipes page to see just how easy it is to add some much needed fiber into your diet. Or check out our Fiber Facts page to uncover the many hidden secrets of fiber. Naturlax’s products are gluten-free, sugar-free, plant-based, and low carb. Suitable for just about anyone’s dietary needs!

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