Ditch the Diet on Vacation? Here’s Why You May Reconsider

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After counting the days until your vacation at your desk, the day has finally come! Your bags are packed and you’re off to enjoy yourself! Except, there’s something that can really get in the way and that’s “vacation constipation”. 

Vacation constipation, also called “traveler’s constipation” is the disturbance of regular bowel movements that happens during traveling. It sounds unusual but it’s actually very common! For example, have you ever had a moment on vacation, where you suddenly realize you haven’t pooped in a few days? 

There are few reasons why this happens.

From what we’ve previously discussed about constipation, we know it mainly happens when 1) there’s a lack of fiber in your diet, 2) dehydration, and 3) diet and routine changes. Let’s talk about each factor causing vacation constipation.

Warmer weathers means our bodies need more fluids. Make sure to stay hydrated in the sun.

Vacation Constipation is the disruption of our regular bowel movements when traveling.

Lack of Fiber in Diet

If you’re someone who avoids vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, then you may not be getting enough fiber in your diet. Actually, only 5% of Americans have enough fiber in their diets. So, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are certainly not alone. 

But, when being on vacation means forgetting about the stress of our usual lifestyles. Often, we forget to consider feeding our bodies nutritious foods because we want to indulge! Don’t worry, we have a couple tricks to fix this!

For starters, you can make sure to include a few veggies and fruits that are high in fiber on your plate. You can even switch out your regular buns to whole wheat on your burgers. However, if you find yourself in a pinch, Naturlax makes On-the-Go Fiber Powder Packets that are so easy to include in your carry-ons! 

Onto the next cause!


Now that you made sure to include some fiber on your vacation, you can’t forget about hydration. Without the proper amount of fluids, all the fiber will be stuck in your stomach. The fluids act as an extra push! 

Most of us will begin drinking alcoholic drinks. Fortunately, thanks to hangovers, we know how much a night of drinking dehydrates us. So, if you plan on drinking, make sure to include water to stay hydrated. Other than a lack of fiber in the diet, dehydration is another common cause of constipation! You can read more about dehydration and constipation in this blog post

Diet and Routine Changes

When most people start a new diet, whether by a doctor or a current trend, it’s common to experience constipation. That’s because our bodies need to get used to the change. So, when your diet is disturbed, it throws your gut off its usual balance. 

Head off to a cool and sunny beach to kick off your vacation.

Even though we’re on vacation, doesn’t mean our gut health is!

Although you don’t want to think about your diet on vacation, sticking to some of the same foods may reduce your chances of experiencing constipation. Also, if your body is used to getting a certain amount of movement in a day, try your best to stick to it! Read this blog to learn how movement aids in digestion!

Biggest Takeaway

While on vacation, it’s very common to experience “traveler’s constipation”. Often, we are too busy trying to enjoy ourselves that we forget about taking care of our gut health. So, include some fiber on your vacation diet, drink plenty of water, especially if you’re planning to drink, and try your best to stick to your usual diet and exercise routines.

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