Should You Include Fiber with Your Fast?

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Whether you choose to fast or not we wanted to answer the questions: What can you consume while fasting? Should you include fiber with your fast?

Why Fast?

There are various techniques and reasons for fasting other than weight loss. Research has shown fasting to actually help the regrowth of cells and support the fight against heart disease.

“The intent of intermittent fasting isn’t necessarily only to restrict calories, but also to allow your body to focus on maintenance and recovery, rather than digesting.”

Also, fasting isn’t just a trend. Humans have been fasting for centuries whether for religious reason or during the hunter-gather period. Fasting, has a long history and have been studied due to the religions that practice fasting.

It’s important to choose a fast that’s right for you and your needs. Some choose to fast most of the day and leave a few hours for eating, 16:8. Others do a variation between days. So, they’ll fast for 2 days out of the week. However, intermittent fasting 16:8, seems to be the easiest and most popular.

Here’s What Your Body Does While Fasting:


While in a fasting state, the body produces ketones. Ketones are responsible for the protein and molecules that influence health and aging.
While in a fasting state, the body is working by producing ketones.

After we eat, our bodies use glucose for energy and fat is stored and becomes triglycerides [lipids]. But when you’re not eating, “triglycerides are broken down to fatty acids and glycerol, which are used for energy. The liver converts fatty acids to ketone bodies, which provide a major source of energy for many tissues, especially the brain, during fasting.”

By restricting your calorie intake, your body produces ketones. This molecule is in charge of proteins and other molecules that influence health and aging. Ketones also have significant effects on your systematic metabolism. Because of how your body works while fasting, studies have shown fasting to have tremendous effect on increasing life-span. Prolonged calorie restriction in animals has shown an 80% increase in life-span.

What Can I Eat While Fasting?

Contrary from what most people believe about fasting, there are actually a few things a person can consume during this state. This can be foods and beverages such as black coffee, water, tea, coconut oil, butter, and bone broth.

Aside from the healthy fats like butter and coconut oil, it is key to stick to low-calorie drinks and supplements during your fast. Although, the healthy fats contain calories, it won’t break your ketones state.

What About Fiber?

Naturlax Flavored Fiber Packets contains 20 calories per serving.

Fiber, has been proven to help with appetite control. This means, by including more fiber into your diet, you’ll actually feel fuller for longer. Fiber, ” creates a gel-like substance in the gastrointestinal tract that takes up more space in your stomach. “

So, how can fiber help you with fasting? Well, most fiber supplements, such as Naturlax, contain calories that can break your fast. So, we don’t suggest fiber while fasting. Instead, try including fiber into your preparation routine. Since fiber helps you fell fuller for longer periods, it can help fight the hunger cravings.

Most importantly, fiber will relieve any fasting-related constipation! A common side effect of any diet changes is constipation. To prevent this, include high fiber foods, or fiber supplements along with plenty of water before your fasting periods.

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